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Lunes, 26 de october de 2020

"Curfew" New Regulations and New schedules


From Sternalia we want to make a statement to our clients informing of the new current situation that the country is experiencing.

First of all, to inform you that Sternalia is within the scope of the cultural sector.

Second, Sternalia continues to carry out all cultural activities with all COVID19 security measures and adapting to the new regulations of the "Touch that remains" imposed by the Generalitat of Catalonia on Sunday, October 25, 2020.

That said, we have had to adjust the schedules so that all our activities end at 10pm at the latest to comply with the new "curfew" regulations.

The new schedules are posted on the web in the corresponding tabs for each activity.

Clients may return to their homes with a cut-off time of 11pm, proving if necessary the entry of the cultural activity, where the day and time appear.

Link where the Generalitat regulations are explained:

We are once again in a delicate moment and among all of us we have to have a social conscience for your good and for the good of all and that is why we ask for maximum responsibility.

From Sternalia we ask for maximum collaboration and understanding.

Thank you very much.

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