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Fabra Observatory

Astronomical observatory in active since 1904

from 15,00€

Ramón Pla Armengol Fundation

The Ramón Pla Armengol Foundation is a private institution dedicated to the help of medical research, the dissemination of Christianity and the study of the most important collection of antique furniture in Europe.

from 10,00€

Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia

Neoclassical building of the XVIII century, constitutes the health past of Barcelona for more than 300 years.

from 10,00€

Royal Academy of Science and Arts of Barcelona

Oldest active entity in Spain and the four most traditional in Europe.

from 10,00€

Balmesiana's Palace

The Balmesiana Palace is located in an admirable modern Gothic style building and is in charge to publish and disseminate book of piety and liturgy by the Editiorial Balmes.

from 10,00€

Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia

Strolling through the cloister of what used to be the old Hospital of the Holy Cross, we come across the hospital's Pharmacy, original from 1417, the oldest in Europe, and currently owned by the Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia, which carefully preserves the furniture, the original ceramic containers and the window of 1696, used to rid medicines. Do not miss the opportunity to know this hidden corner.

from 10,00€

Old Convalescence House

We are in the old Convalescence House of the General Hospital, which was later the Hospital of the Holy Cross and of Saint Paul. This baroque construction has become part of the Catalan medical history, since it was a space dedicated to the cure and rest of the convalescent patients. In two places of the building we will find sculptures with the image of Saint Paul: the one sculpted by Lluís Bonifaç, in the center of the patio, and the one of Domènec Rovira, the Younger, that appears at the corner of the street of the Egipcíaques, and also the sculptural group, much later, entitled Catalonia and the Sciences, by Josep Llimona, entering the bottom of the ground floor. Other decorative elements are the ceramics due to Llorenç Passoles, which include the balustrades of Valencian tile, half white and half green. The paintings of the return of the chapel of the House of Convalescence are attributed to the teacher Josep Bal, considered the most representative work of the Catalan baroque. Enter one of the jewels of Barcelona, ​​which is currently the headquarters of the Institute of Catalan Studies, an academic, scientific and cultural corporation whose objective is high scientific research and especially that of all elements of Catalan culture.

from 10,00€

Requesens Palace

The biggest palace in the city of Barcelona, crowned with a watchtower integrated in the old medieval wall.

from 20,00€

Catalonia’s Excursion Center

CEC was founded in 1876 following the steps of the Catalan Renaissance and was born as a scientific-sport entity that have seven mountain refuges and carries out a wide variety of activities at its headquarters, that are located in the Roman Temple of Augustus.

from 10,00€

Pack Tour

The Royal Academy of Science and Arts of Barcelona, the Requesens Palace or the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia? Do not know what to choose? No need to choose! Visit the spaces with this fantastics packs.

from 18,00€

Guided Visits