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Fabra Observatory

Astronomical observatory in active since 1904

from 15,00€

Requesens Palace

The biggest palace in the city of Barcelona, crowned with a watchtower integrated in the old medieval wall.

from 20,00€

Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia

Neoclassical building of the XVIII century, constitutes the health past of Barcelona for more than 300 years.

from 8,00€

Royal Academy of Science and Arts of Barcelona

Oldest active entity in Spain and the four most traditional in Europe.

from 8,00€

Parque Científico de Barcelona

The PCB is a privileged place for research, technology and innovation that allows the symbiosis of public and private entities using high-quality facilities.

from 8,00€

Pack Tour

The Royal Academy of Science and Arts of Barcelona, the Requesens Palace or the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia? Do not know what to choose? No need to choose! Visit the spaces with this fantastics packs.

from 18,00€

Synchrotron ALBA

Particle accelerator, where using accelerated electrons, get synchrotron radiation to study the matter.

from 0,00€

Guided Tours