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We explore sensory perceptions again in a gastronomic game at the Dinner of Senses

Lunes, 22 de june de 2020
  • We explore sensory perceptions again in a gastronomic game at the Dinner of Senses

With the reactivation of leisure activities after the health crisis caused by COVID-19, a very special experience returns again: the 'Dinner of Senses'.

The Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia once again hosts every Saturday night from June 27th a gastronomic game based on sensory neuroscience, in which all the senses participate. At this dinner, playing is allowed, and it takes much more than a fork and knife to enjoy the evening. The activity has all the preventive sanitary measures for a special night without worries.

An explosion of sensory perceptions

glass of cava receives the attendees at 8:00 p.m., accompanied by an illusion show to begin to awaken the senses of sight and taste at the same time. Once finished, there is a guided tour of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia, and at 9:00 p.m. a mentalistic performance surprises the public with its spectacular nature. Then dinner begins in the Turró room, until 11:30 p.m., when the evening ends.

In addition to visual shows, the senses are awakened during dinner, with a menu that perfectly shows how the brain constructs reality with the information that comes from the senses. At the same time it becomes a very didactic activity: it helps to understand in first person how reality can be surprising, since everything we receive by the senses does not always coincide with what we think we are living. Therefore, it becomes a gastronomic game that fills the audience with sensory perceptions thanks to the combination of illusionism, mentalism, flavors, colors, smells and textures.

A unique evening and ‘COVID Free’

This dinner, like the rest of those offered, has all the preventive measures against COVID-19. The use of own mask is mandatory and hydroalcoholic gel is offered to the attendees during the event. In addition, the capacity will be limited to guarantee the safety distance and the dimensions of the visiting groups in the different spaces will be reduced. Menu cards have also been adapted so that they can be disinfected after each use.

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